• 420 N Robertson Blvd
  • Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • 310.652.2332

Each project unique as each client.

In the heart of the West Hollywood Design District, California,
at 420 No. Robertson Boulevard, you’ll find the attractive
and amiable Hub of the House.

The kitchen and interior design firm established in 1994
by Karen Harautuneian and Carla Smith, is well known
for their unique projects that integrate seamlessly
with the architecture of the home.

The warm, inviting showroom/workspace/office is filled
with evidence of their 20 years of work, as well as scattered,
intriguing hints of their current endeavors. Hub of the House offers a wide range of cabinetry, as well as unique creations
by local artisans.

A common thread running through their designs is the artful balance of old and new, a textural mix—fabrics, materials, color, space—and a constant attention to detail while maintaining a strong grasp of the “big picture”.

The result... comfort, beauty and functionality.